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WIPO Observer
ACPAA is accepted the Permanent Observer of WIPO

      On the eve of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of All-China Patent Agents Association (ACPAA), more than 5,000 patent agents are elated by a good tiding. As China's non-governmental organization, ACPAA is accepted by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) as the permanent observer.
      "This will actively boost the internationalization of China's patent agent services," commented a related expert. This means ACPAA members can attend various meetings and activities of WIPO without voting rights in the future, express the viewpoints and suggestions of Chinese side, and participate in the formulation of WIPO rules and resolutions.
       In recent years, China's IP agency service has been attracting attentions from the whole society as an important support of the implementation of IP system. It is widely regarded as the "sunrise industry."
       According to related head of ACPAA, the association will take more measures to guide its members to serve the program of constructing an innovative country, further intensify industrial self-discipline, safeguard the legal rights and interests of its members, improve their professional quality, restrain unfair competition, launch international exchanges and cooperation, promote the formation of a supervision mechanism of industrial credit management, and strengthen trainings of applying for foreign-related IPRs and dispute settlement.

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