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He Hua meet FICPI delegation on Dec 5, 2012

      FICPI delegation arrived at Beijing and visited SIPO and ACPAA on Dec 5,2011.  
the members of FICPI delegation includes Peter Huntsman £®President£©°ĘBastiaan Koster£®Vice-President£©, Julian Crump(Secretary General), Marc Chauchard, Francesco Paulo Vatti, Eric Le Forestier, Coleen Morrison.   

        He Hua, Vice-commissioner of SIPO met the FICPI delegation in the morning of Dec 5, 2011. Other 5 officials from SIPO, Ge Bo, President of FICPI CHINA, Li Jianrong, Secretary-General of ACPAA, Cao Lingling, Vice-Secretary General of ACPAA attended the meeting.   

        During the meeting, He Hua expressed warm welcome to the visiting of FICPI delegation and extend sincere praise and appreciation for the working tasks, organizational activities and influence of FICPI.Then He Hua gave a brief introduction to recent work of SIPO.According to his introduction, up to Oct 31,2011, the number of patent application for invention amounts to 394,000, among which 150,000 are granted. In comparison with  the same period over the past year, the amount of patent application for invention increases by 33%, the amount of granting increases by 24%. The examination period is about twenty-three months, which is lower that that of last year,twenty-four months. In face with the fast growth of the amount of patent application, SIPO made good preparations and judgement for examination efficiency and examination quality accordingly. Mr. Peter Huntsman,president of FICPI, ssng high praise for the robust development of IP work in China  and the achievement have been made in IP work of China.

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