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Objectives of All-China Patent Agents Association

       All-China Patent Agents Association is a national non-government organization comprised of Chinese patent agency and patent agent. Its a main body of IP intermediate service, a unique force and plays a very important role in the IP industry.

       According to the Regulations on Patent Commissioning and the Statutes of ACPAA, the objective of ACPAA is:

       ACPAA guarantees self-discipline of profession and safeguards the rights of its members, sets out regulations and norms for the practice of patent agents; concludes and exchanges working experiences of the whole country, broadens the scope of business of patent agents; organizes training courses, academic exchanges and researches; collects and studies relevant laws and submits suggestion to SIPO on behalf of patent agents; coordinates internal and external relations; assists SIPO on the qualifying examination of patent agents; issues the Work Permit to patent agents and handles the alternation of Work Permit; involves in the works of Disciplinary Committee of SIPO, executes the disciplinary resolutions; participates in international cooperation, conferences; publicity and visibility of the profession and other administrative duties.

       The objectives of ACPAA run into almost every aspect of IP, the member of ACPAA plays an irrevocable role in the creation, management, protection and utilization of IP. Including:

       Promotion of creation of IP: help the inventors to substantiate and patent their inventions, shorten the time consumed on administration, improve the effectiveness of examination of SIPO, and help inventors to obtain and maintain their patent.

       Promotion of utilization of IP: use various means to help inventors integrate the advantages of their IP according to relevant international rules and modus operandi, enhance the competence of IP and encourage the distribution of the new products in the market.

       Promotion of management of IP: manage the classification of IP, improve the confidentiality of invention, set out IP strategy, improve regulations, strike against counterfeiting and handle dispute for the enterprises, handle matters related to the assigning of the patent application rights or patent rights, as well as the PCT and patent licensing, etc.

      Promotion of protection of IP: safeguard the rights of patentee, assist to investigate and strike against counterfeit and infringement, handle matters related to reexamination , invalidation of patent, infringement complaint; rise the awareness of IP protection of the public.

       With the advancement of globalization of knowledge economy, IP protection has become an international issue. To meet the trends and challenges, ACPAA needs to learn more advanced experiences, develop more international cooperation and exchanges, participate in more international meetings and activities through WIPO so as to better melt into globalization of IP.

All China Patent Agents Association