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The Association sets up 8 committees with the aim to maintaining the professional interests, enhancing its functions in management and superintendence, promoting academic research and international cooperation, strengthening the ACPAA capabilities, undertaking its roles in management and service; acting as a bridge and link, and promoting the Association¡¯s all activities. 

      The 8 committees are the working bodies in exercising the functions of the Council and should report to the Council. Each committee is headed by either President, Vice President, or Standing Members of Council.

1. Professional Interests and Self-disciplinary Committee
Functions: to create and maintain a good atmosphere for professional practice; to study issues related to professional interests; to safeguard the personal and professional rights and interests of patent attorneys in practice; to build up good professional images. To provide direction and superintendence for professional conduct; to carry out investigations and sanctions for patent attorneys¡¯ unlawful conducts or
violation of code of conduct; to award members who has made excellent performance in patent practice.
2. Professional Development and Strategic Research Committee
Functions: to examine and implement the strategic working plan of the profession; to make research and draft on the professional development plan; to concentrate on and study the professional strategy; to formulate polices and measures intended for patent agencies and patent attorneys in the west, northeast and middle China; to explore and improve the management system for patent profession; to broaden the scope of business of patent agents; to expand the social influence of the profession.
3. Professional Rules Committee
Function: to establish and improve the code of conduct and management for patent profession; to formulate the Association¡¯s relevant regulations.
4.Education and Training Committee
Function: to formulate education and training plans for patent agents; to improve the training for newly registered patent agents and practicing patent agents; to formulate and and improve the training guidelines for all patents agents in China; to promote the continuous education for patent agents; improve patent agents¡¯ capabilities.
5. Academic Committee
Function: to formulate plans for academic research and exchanges; to provide guidance for the
sub-committees to carry out relevant activities Six Sub-committees:
(1)Sub-Committ e e o f Chemistr y and Biotechnology
(2)Sub-Committee of Electronic and Information Technology
(3)Sub-Committee of Mechanism
(4)Sub-Committee of Industrial Design
(5)Sub-Committee of IP Laws and Regulations
(6)Sub-Committee of IP Reinforcement
(7)Sub-Committee of IP in Enterprises and Alert Analysis
6. International Cooperation
Function: to formulate plans for international cooperation; to organize international activities and encourage patent agents to participate; to strengthen the communications between the Association and
counterparts in other countries.
7. Publicity Committee
Function: to be responsible for the publicity of the Association and images of patent professionals;
to establish and carry out different publicity plans; to coordinate among the committees and subcommittees regarding the publicity; to set up various publicity channels; to publish the journal¡¶China Patent Representation¡·and maintain the website: www.14ghthyj.com
8. Financial Committee
Funct i o n : t o be responsi b l e for the management, use, superintendence, and inspect of membership fees; to make a study and formulate fee standard; to guarantee the fee collection and the reasonable, efficient use of fees by the Association.

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